How to win Amazon Giveaways

I will be talking about how to get the best chance at winning a giveaway from amazon using my website

First off lets talk about the different types of amazon giveaways requirements


Follow On Twitter

  • Entering these types of giveaways will require you to follow someone on twitter. You may un-follow them directly after entering the giveaway if you wish as it has no part in your chance of winning the giveaway. 

Tweet a message

  • This requirement I also enter because the ease of it. All you need to do is make a twitter account just for entering giveaways instead of tweeting to all of your regular followers about how you entered to win a flower pot. You will most likely tweet something like this. 

Follow On Amazon

  • Following on amazon will email you new products about from the host. I mostly see this requirement on Kindle Editions which personally I don't enter. But for those eBook readers out there this is a very simple requirement to take part of as it only takes a button click.


  • This is another fairly easy requirement to take part of. After randomly selecting a option in the poll as I do you can continue to enter the giveaway. After clicking the bouncy box you will be provided with the results of the poll if you care..

Now the worst of all....

Watch A Video

  • I dislike this requirement so much I will not waste 2 Minutes of my life watching a video to enter a giveaway. The prizes are usually pretty normal compared to other requirements but the videos are so annoying. You cant switch pages and let it auto play you can fast forward you must watch the whole video in some cases. I do not suggest entering these giveaways at all your chances of winning something is very slim with this requirement.

After you pretty much understand all the requirements lets talk about the different types of



  • Sweepstakes is a bad type of odd. Because you enter the sweepstakes among other people not knowing your chances. There could be 500 entry's or 5000 entry's and you have know clue. The winner/s is drawn randomly at the end date.

Every nTh wins

  • This is a great type of odds to enter if you are the first winner as the entry's of the giveaway start going down. It's like drawing from a hat filled with nTh tickets. Every entry removes their drawing and the last one to draw the nTh ticket wins. But if the prizes is more than 1 then the process starts all over the hat is filled back with nTh tickets. Until all prizes are awarded.

1 in nTh chance

  • This can be a good odd type to enter if the chances are low. Lets say the odds are like this. It's like drawing from a hat with 7000 tickets. But instead of removing your ticket like "Every nTH Wins", You have to place it back in. Until the correct winner is drawn. Any drawing could be a winner. You have a higher chance if the prizes are more than 1. Instead of 1 winning ticket out of 7000 there could be 30 tickets which raises your chance a lot. The time to enter these giveaways are when the prizes are high and the odds are below 1 in 3000 chance.

First-come, First-Served

  • Title says it all I have never came across one of these due to the fact that who ever sees it first will instantly win the giveaway.
After you understand the different types of odds there are for Amazon Giveaways lets dig a little deeper into winning them.

When to enter a giveaway

From my studies I have found out that the 2 type of popular giveaways to enter are Electronics and Kitchen supplies followed by toddler items.

Best chance for Sweepstakes

  1. There is no best chance for sweepstakes the winner is drawn randomly from all the entries. Just enter and see if you win.

Best chance for Every nTh wins

  1. Time of day
    • I see most people entering these giveaway during the week around 12-1pm and 4-6pm and weekend days pretty much all day except on Sunday during church hours.
  2. When to enter
    • Do not enter a giveaway that started 3 Hours ago and has odds of 5000th entry win. You simply wont win. Unless it is positioned in the first few pages where most giveaways get clicked just because they are higher in priced or more highly sought for. If the item is further away from the beginning of the list and has 30 prizes and started 1 day ago with odds of  Every 2000th entry wins then I will defiantly be entering that giveaway.
  3. Prizes
    • If the item has 30 prizes and every 2000th entry wins then it is a good giveaway to get a chance at as long as you are one of the first few winners. 

Best chance for 1 in nTh chance

  1. Time of day
    • Same as Every nTh wins
  2. When to enter
    • This type of odds are a little more hard to predict due to that you are choosing randomly between 1 in 7000. I usually enter giveaways with this type of odds when they are lower with more prizes as it gives you a higher chance of winning the giveaway.
  3. Prizes
    • The more the prize's these types of giveaways have gives you a better chance of winning. Also depends on the item itself the more highly sought out item will produce more winners like a Tablet unlike a Flower Pot.

Best chance for First-come, First-served

  1. Enter as fast as you can to win the giveaway as it is the most highly sought out odd type because you instantly win the item.