New Blog!!


Well hello everyone welcome to the Giveaway List official blog. I will be discussing website features,tips on amazon giveaways and other useful information to win a giveaway from Amazon.
Lets start off talking about how the website has came along.

History of Giveaway List

I found out about amazon giveaways in July of 2017. After a couple days of entering giveaways I was not winning anything it was just annoying going through each page looking for valuable giveaways. So I decided to do some research and found some websites that would allow me to filter and sort the giveaways. It was barely useful at all.

So I decided to make my own website the way I want the giveaways listed. 
Version 1.0 had
  1. Table format with pagination
  2. Not as responsive design
  3. Difficult Filter/Sort options
  4. Un-optimized back-end.
  5. Loaded in around 2.5 seconds
  6. Was about 600kb in size
  7. Basic styling
So right after I released Version 1 I started working on the big update.... Version 2.
It brought with it
  1. New Grid system allowing more items to be display on your screen depending on size.
  2. More responsive on all pages.
  3. Re-did the whole back-end for optimization 
  4. New loading time of under or around 1 SECOND!
  5. Webpage size is cut down to 400kb< on initial load.
  6. Better filter and sort options now with a Search bar.
  7. User system for saving giveaways at a more convenient  time
  8. And many more tweaks.

Future of Giveaway List

I will still be working on the website because their is always something to improve or add that will be beneficial to winning amazon giveaways. As long as I have support from the community there will always be a Giveaway