Amazon Giveaways are free to enter and only require you to have a Amazon account. On the official Amazon Giveaway page there is just a list of giveaways to enter. Only readily available information that Amazon provides to each giveaway that is useful is a picture, name, and requirement.

When you click on any giveaway that you wish to enter on the bottom of the page you can see when the giveaway has started, ended,amount of prizes and the odds. But again it's not readily available as you have to look at the bottom of the page. That's where GiveawayList comes to the rescue. list all the Open Amazon Giveaways. It has every single giveaway that is on the official page but with a twist. You can search, sort and filter through the giveaways! Not only can you do that but each giveaway has more information that can help you win a giveaway. Each giveaway on GiveawayList has the picture, name, amount of prizes and requirement but also the odds and when the giveaway started and when it ends. It also provides how many prizes are left and when the last winner was recorded.

It's hard to win a giveaway through the official page since you either have to know how to read the information on each giveaway and the entry page. Or just enter every giveaway and hope you are the lucky winner.

On GiveawayList you can build up your own strategy to win giveaways. I will provide a few examples that might help you win.

Start Time

The most simple one is seeing how long ago the giveaway started. If the giveaway started 1 hour ago and you try to enter the chance of you winning is very slim. It also depends on the odds but I tend to enter giveaways that started about 6 hours ago or longer.


Watching the start time and seeing the odds play together I think. If a giveaway started 4-6 hours ago, odds are around 500 and no winners yet. Then this could be a prime giveaway to enter. But with a giveaway with high odds you need to think about other information about the giveaway before entering. You kinda need to use all these options combined to get a chance at winning a TV or something highly sought after with high odds. But just like start time relying on odds. Odds can rely on the prize awarded.

Prize Awarded

Ok now we have to think about what is useful,cool or unique that people will want. Giveaways that fall under 1 of those 3 things will have people enter the giveaway more often than say a hair brush or a toothpick. If you think the giveaway is higher sought after then maybe entering the giveaway earlier than you usually do could help. You can get an idea of what people really want to enter by sorting giveaways by "View Count High". But again it just depends you never know if it's the right time you can only guess.


This is an easy one to use. If the giveaway requires no entry to win then that giveaway will get more entries than other requirements. If the giveaway is either an Amazon Video or a YouTube video then it seems like less people enter those giveaways even if it is a highly sought after item.

The reason I think people enter is because it takes to long. I could either a giveaway with a video and take 10-20 seconds just to see myself lose or I could scroll past it and look for a better giveaway to enter. I seen Playstation 4 systems that require you to watch a youtube video and the giveaway expires before any prize has been awarded. And that has happened multiple times with the PS4 and other high priced giveaway's.

But a little trick for giveaways that require you to watch a YouTube video you can click on the video and then you can see how many views the video has. This really only works when the video is new and the host is trying to build views by using Amazon Giveaways. If the odds are "The 1000th entry wins", and youtube says the video has 990 views I would enter the giveaway because I'm not sure how accurate the view count is. If the video has 999 views and no winners then go for it!!!

Last Winner

This is a new feature to GiveawayList and it notes down when the last prize was logged. This could help you in a couple ways. First is you can get an idea of what people like to enter and how many people enter the giveaway by looking at the odds and start time. If the odds are Every 1000th entry wins and the giveaway started 12 hours ago and the prize is a Wifi Camera then can get an idea on when to enter giveaways similar to that giveaway. Now after the first prize has been awarded it seems that the next winner takes way longer than the first or if it ever happens.

Next is if the giveaway started 6 days ago and odd are Every 30,000 entry wins and the prize is Kindle Fire or a Security System and no winners your chance is very small. Most high odds giveaways seem to expire before every awarding any giveaways. But again it depends if the prize is a TV or something along those lines where the price of the giveaway is high then you might have a chance. But winning giveaways with large odds is very slim.


Entering every giveaway you see without using this information provided your chance could be lower. But I can tell you that going through the list and just entering every giveaway you might not win anything I know because one day I entered every single giveaway which was around 4000 giveaways and I won nothing...

So it seems if you want to win you need to come up with a strategy and play the game a different way than others to get yourself a higher chance at winning. I really hope this information will make you win more giveaways. If you have any tips or ideas let me know in the comments below and I can update this post.