Well as you can notice everything has changed for the greater good. I have been working on the new version of GiveawayList for the last few months and the hard work has finally paid off.

Since the start of GiveawayList I have recreated the website 3 total times.

Let's take a look at the first version....

First version of giveawaylist.com

As you can see it is very umm... Ugly

So unorganized, cluttered and bad color scheme. I knew to keep the site popular I had to start on a new version. So after learning more and more about Web Development I started to get to work on the second version.

After trying to build my own website layout and failing I decided to use a paid for website template which I thought would fit the site at the time.

Second version of giveawaylist.com

Now for the version color scheme was bad still. Just look at the logo... I know it's hard to see. Filtering was still a mess and things just didn't work as expected. But building the second version taught me alot about what I really needed. I needed something more simple, straightforward and pretty. All what the site is about is just finding the best Amazon Giveaways to enter. And nothing else.

Here we go again rebuilding the website. I completely rebuilt the website from the ground up. No more layering up since what I had to work with was unrepairable and it just needed to be in the trash can and forgot about.

So I started making my own website layout from scratch with the idea of KISS(Keep it Stupid Simple) in my head at all times. Users on the website shouldn't dig around for settings to update or change things. It should just be there right in your face. I also wanted it to be easy to work on in the future if I ever needed to make a change. And lastly I wanted to make it fun to use with more options to help you win more giveaways. And after a few months of building and less time with my wife I present the new version of GiveawayList.com

So pretty and simple. Filter is right there in your face, no need to look for a button, text is more readable and colors are simple. Hopefully this hard work paid off and users actually enjoy it as much as I do. It will be a never ending process of updating the website to keep it up to date. But I enjoy it and hopefully GiveawayList will be around forever.